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California Views was established November 29, 1970 and is located in historic Monterey, on the California Central Coast, this unique photo archive is the most comprehensive Historical Photo Collection of the Monterey Bay area.
Many of the images we have are one of a kind rare and unique images that we have the original glass or film negatives that will insure the best quality in almost any size print from 11x14" - 48x96".
Pat Hathaway and California Views are names that have become synonymous with Monterey History and historical images of the California central coast.
We have some of the earlist photos of Monterey.
California Views Photo Archive is constantly seeking to add historical photographs to its archives.
If you have any Monterey County photos that you wish preserved, please contact us.
With over 81,900 historical California images in our photo archives. These photographs can be used for research, publications and historical displays and or personal display in your home or office.
California Views your one stop for Pictures of the past from the 1850's.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my photos in bulk, process a large corporate order or just want to customize a specific size graphic, please contact me and I will be happy to help you.

Only a small portion of the collection is currently online with a searchable database, we are adding more photos all the time. Please keep checking back.

(831) 373-3811 Mr. Pat Hathaway

The "Fine Art America" watermark in the lower right corner of these pictures will not appear on your prints, licensed downloads, or other products.

Santa Barbara California

San Diego Californina

Chinese of the Monterey Bay and California

Santa Cruz California

Skagway Alaska 1898

Cambria California

San Francisco Earthquake & Fire of April 18 1906

Marin County California

Northern California

Beach Scene

California Coast

Seaside California

Railroad & Trains

C. E. Watkins 1829-1916

I. W. Taber Photographer California

Lewis Josselyn of Carmel Calif.

San Francisco Bay California www.caviews.com

Joseph Kurtz Oliver J.K. Oliver Photographer

Lake Tahoe www.caviews.com

C.W.J. Johnson Photo Gallery

Famous People at California Views Photo Archives www.caviews.com

Zan Stark Photographer

Gold Mining www.caviews.com

Early Southern California Photos - www.caviews.com

Monterey County California www.caviews.com

Wm. L. Morgan Monterey Photographer

Maps www.caviews.com

R. J. Arnold Photographer

Nocturnes www.caviews.com

E. A. Cohen Photographer California

Industrial www.caviews.com

Rey Ruppel Photographer California

Louis S. Slevin 1878 to 1945

Yosemite Valley

Church www.caviews.com

Around the house

Alameda California

Chinatown San Francisco California Circa 1900 www.caviews.com

Motorcycles www.caviews.com

Mt. Tamalpais Marin Co. California www.caviews.com


Wm. F. Booth Collection 1890 1910 lantern slides collection www.caviews.com

Rowena Meeks Abdy 1887-1945 Early California Artist.

Central Highlands of Vietnam 1968-1969

Panoramic Views

Bixby Creek Bridge on the Big Sur Coast

Monterey Co. by Pat Hathaway

Mr. Pat Hathaway Photos www.caviews.com


Bridges - www.caviews.com

Mr. Pat Hathaway Bixby Creek Bridge photos California

Washington State by Pat Hathaway www.caviews.com

Sitka Alaska

Captive orcas killer whale Orcinus orca 1965-1996 www.caviews.com

Orca Killer Whale in the wild California Biggs Transients

Whales -Whaling

Pacific Northwest

Alaska 1969-70 2015

Barrow Alaska July 1969 www.caviews.com

Alaska 1969 1970

Yellowstone Park

Navy at caviews.com

Military Army Navy www.caviews.com

The Spanish-American War of 1898 in Cuba.

Washington State

Oregon at caviews.com

Oregon State www.caviews.com

East Coast

2011-033- Henry King Nourse Photographer 1880-1963 Historical photo Collection www.caviews.com

New York State

Boston Massachusetts circa 1900 www.caviews.com

France Eiffel Tower Paris France 1900 www.caviews.com Pat Hathaway Collection

Mexico circa 1902